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About Caroline McCoy

Passionate in helping individuals and organisations reach their potential

Caroline is a Chartered Business Psychologist with over 20 years experience working with individuals and organisations both nationally and internationally.


Caroline works with a wide range of organisations in both the Private and Public Sector.  

Caroline is originally from Ireland and now lives in Edinburgh.  She is passionate about what she does and offers an insightful, non-judgemental, engaging and inspiring approach to helping individuals and businesses to achieve their goals and reach their potential.


Caroline strongly believes that by helping people to become more self aware (of strengths and development areas), more choice-ful of their thoughts and actions and skilled in their behaviours, ultimately results in growing confidence and being able to reach potential.   She uses psychological and business models to underpin her work and works in close collaboration with clients to ensure they feel fully involved in the process.


Chartered Business Psychologist

MSc Occupational Psychology – University of Hertfordshire

BSc (Hons) Psychology – ​University of London 

Level A & B Psychometric Testing

Caroline McCoy

Chartered Business Psychologist

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