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Management & Leadership Coaching Services

We offer tools and techniques that encourage individuals and teams to become more self aware, confident and skilled in meeting their goals and achieving their individual and business objectives.

Our areas of expertise are in:

Caroline is a highly experienced Executive Coach who has worked with many individuals at all levels across a wide range of businesses.  She offers professional 1:2:1 coaching to help you to identify areas of strengths and developments, build your self awareness, confidence and skill level to enable you to become more effective in meeting your business goals and reaching your full potential.


We would normally recommend a block of six, two hour coaching sessions that can be conducted at your business, a venue of your choice or by Skype.  As part of the first session, we will explore your goals and aims in more detail and agree a contract of how we will work.   With the consent of the individual/business, we often use psychometric tools, such as MBTI as part of the coaching process. At the end of the coaching sessions, we will spend time reviewing your goals and the process and provide guidance on moving beyond the coaching sessions.  


Some examples of where Executive Coaching can help include:


  • Getting promoted, securing a new role

  • Leading teams more effectively

  • Improving business performance ratings and targets

  • Becoming more confident

  • Becoming more effective in communicating

  • Handling conflict/difficult situations more effectively

  • Identifying skills gaps and developing new skills

  • Increasing influencing skills

  • Identifying and overcoming blocks to performance

  • Increasing satisfaction and well being



Change Management

Caroline works with organisations to equip them with the processes, tools and behaviuors to mange the people side of change so that the required business outcomes are met.


Some of the areas we can support you in include:

  • Identifying the changes needed to make your business more successful

  • Defining your core values and culture

  • Introduce HR systems to support the change process

  • Coach you and your team through the required changes

  • Run team events to gain buy in and develop develop effective team behaviours

Assessment & Selection

2 Balance Consulting can design a robust assessment and selection process to ensure you make the right decisions when:


  • Selecting someone new into your business

  • Promoting from within your business

  • Developing individuals within your business

  • Restructuring roles within your business


We can offer the following services:


  • Defining and identifying key competencies necessary to be effective in a role

  • Using psychometrics to objectively assess candidates

  • Designing assessment/development centres to objectively assess Candidates 

  • Designing Competency Based Interviews

  • Training individuals within your organisation to become Assessors

  • Writing selection/development reports

Team & Skill Development

Team Development

Caroline has supported a broad range of different organisations to develop high performing teams within their business.  Teams are often faced with challenges that impact their performance and they need help to achieve the outcomes they’re seeking.

Caroline works with teams to:

  • Facilitate ‘Identifying and Clarifying’ team goals and objectives

  • Accelerate team building with a new team

  • Address issues around conflict and tensions

  • Identify and clarify teams' strengths and development areas

  • Maximise diversity, cross-cultural and matrix working

  • Become high performing

Skill Development

Caroline designs and facilitates a number of skill development programmes including:


  • Influencing Skills

  • Coaching Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Handling Conflict

  • Personal Effectiveness

Team Skill Dev
Assesment and Selection
Change Management
Executive Coaching
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