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Case Studies


Woman Returner

A Senior Manager within the Public Sector took time out to raise her family. Caroline helped her to rebuild confidence, re-evaluate her skill set, re-write her CV, increase performance in Selection Processes and secure a role that matched her level of experience and fitted in with home life.

Increasing Leadership Skills
Senior Manager was given feedback he was being too aggressive with his team, which was having a negative impact on their performance. Caroline helped him to understand what was causing this, and showed him how to develop different skills and behaviours to increase his impact and enhance his team’s performance. Feedback from his team, after 3 months, showed he had stopped being aggressive, was listening and including his team more, which resulted in them being more motivated and productive.


A first line Manager in the Financial Services Sector was struggling to get to the next level. Caroline helped him to look at what was blocking him and to develop the skills needed to move to the next level. He has now progressed to a Senior Manager role.


Dealing with Bullying
Senior Manager was being bullied by a Director. Caroline helped her to rebuild her confidence, develop skills to handle bullying behaviour, become aware of options and find a solution that she had control over.

Change Management

Culture Change

An National Organisation keen to move from traditional, hierarchical, fear-based culture to empowering, understanding, facilitative and client-focussed business. Caroline worked with the management team to help them redefine their culture and values, involve people at all levels in the re-organisation, train and develop leadership skills and track progress.

Improving People, Place and Practice
A small service industry business wanted to improve the People side of their business to ultimately increase business performance. Caroline worked closely with the company MD to introduce HR systems and processes, (including a Staff Handbook, clear job descriptions for all staff, new employment contracts, and introduced a Performance Management System). Caroline ran team events to increase individual and team performance and provided coaching for the MD and Senior Manager to enable them to support the changes within the business.

Team and Skill Development

Leadership Development Program for High Potential Leaders

Design and facilitation of a Leadership Skill Development Programme for identified High Potential Leaders. The programme involves a series of facilitated workshops to enhance leadership skills, 1:2:1 coaching, critical business project and presentation to Senior Leadership Team of a global business.

Influencing Skills for Leadership Team

Design and facilitation of an Influencing Skills programme for Leadership teams within the Oil Industry.


Leadership Team Building Event

Team Building Event for Marketing Agency. Included analysis of teams strengths and watch outs, defining of Company Vision and Mission Statement and Actions for achieving Business Goals.


Leadership Skills Training

Design and facilitation of a series of Leadership Training events within Sports Industry including Coaching Skills, Handing Difficult Situations, Leading with Courage and Influencing Skills.


and Selection

Selecting Senior Leaders

Design and implementation of an assessment process for selecting senior leadership team including Chief Executive and Directors in a Local Government. Process involved using psychometrics to assess candidates and writing Selection Reports mapped against key competencies for each role and feeding back to elected Member Panel to inform decision making process.

Succession Planning

Design and implementation of an assessment centre to select candidates for fast tracking within a global organisation. Process involved the use of psychometrics, design of bespoke exercises and activities, training internal assessors and facilitating the selection panel. The process was used as part of a wider initiative on Succession Planning.

Supporting Rapid Business Growth

Design and implementation of an internal Development Assessment Centre for Middle Managers in global organisation to identify strengths and development areas. This was to facilitate and support rapid growth of the business.

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