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Rachael Williamson 

Head of Human Resources

"Our work with Caroline McCoy at 2 Balance Consulting was aimed at enhancing coaching skills amongst our senior team. What we appreciated most about working with Caroline was her ability to quickly understand the needs of our business to tailor and adapt the programme to meet our needs before and during the sessions to deliver the expected results and then some.

I have previously engaged Caroline in key people projects in Shell and Tesco Bank where her skills as a facilitator, coach and business psychologist were put to the test in a number of challenging senior team development programmes which had very successful outcomes. I also witnessed Caroline working wonders through one to one coaching by supporting senior people self reflect, develop and grow to achieve amazing careers and personal fulfillment. The value Caroline adds and the way she engages with people set her part from others working in this field."

Pauline Isherwood

Global D & I Learning

"Caroline is inspirational and a leader in her field.  I have never seen a consultant achieve as many “aha” moments in a room. Caroline’s strength is in the intimacy she builds with her clients and she really understands what they need in order for Caroline to design solutions.  She really builds up trust and confidence in individuals in order to allow them to achieve their best, whilst working with the business to understand the actions they need to take."

Lynn Bassett

HR Director

"Caroline has worked extensively with Nike for over 20 years – her ability to understand the business, the culture and most importantly the people makes her a truly exceptional coach. In addition to executive coaching, Caroline supports on a wide range of other projects from team development to personal effectiveness and leadership development programs.  Caroline’s understanding of the complexities of our organization, her ability to listen and tailor solutions makes her an exceptional partner."

Steve Healey

 Chief Fire Officer

"Caroline has worked with us for a number of years and has been instrumental in our cultural change and leadership development journey. As Chief Fire Officer it is highly important to me to grow the team and our leaders and Caroline has helped us immensely. From workshops to one-2-one mentoring and coaching, Caroline has allowed us all to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and our colleagues, both as individuals and as a team. We will continue to use 2 balance Consulting to further support our ongoing change and reform programme, to ensure our leaders get the continuous development we all need, none more so than at times of significant pressures and reduced resource."

Lorna Foy


"Caroline is a truly exceptional business coach. She is an intuitive, natural people person with a keen ability to listen, reflect and support people to see exactly what is holding them back and why. Caroline’s grasp of my situation, was non-judgemental, thoughtful and insightful, as well as being challenging, which enabled me to make very positive changes to my life.
Inspirational, thought provoking, understanding and one of the most caring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. If you need to become more self-aware and move in a new direction whilst feeling in control of the decisions that you make then I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough."

Luci Robb 

HR Manager

"I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline for over 15 years, within various organisations, within both the private and public sector.  Caroline is a highly skilled business psychologist and executive coach, although this definition of her principle role does not do justice to the skills and value that she brings to both the individual and the organisation.  Caroline has a unique style which is based upon trust, support and challenge, helping individuals, teams and the organisation to develop.  Caroline, through a range of interventions including individual coaching, team development and organisational change programmes, skilfully balances the importance of both the people centred stuff and  the essential business needs."

Mark Haworth

Sales Planning Manager

"I attended a Personal Effectiveness run by Caroline last year which took place on 3 days over several months. Her coaching style and understanding of people quickly allowed a lot confidence, intimacy and understanding within our group.

Through working within the groups and with Caroline, I had many individual moments of understanding and self realisations as well as forming some great relationships with colleagues that still last. I have without doubt become a lot more self aware and understanding in both personal and professional areas. 

The skills/confidence and lessons I learned from this course I feel played a large part in my winning an intra company end of year award and shortly after gaining a promotion. I feel privileged to have spent this time with Caroline and would happily recommend her to anyone."

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