Business Coaching Process

Caroline works with businesses and individuals to help them to achieve their full potential.  

We recognise that every business and individual is different and we will work closely with you to understand your individual needs and aims before designing a solution.  All our work is underpinned by psychological and business models.  We will help you to become more self aware, confident and skilled in achieving your individual and business objectives.  Our process is insightful, non-judgmental and enables you to take control of the process to get the results you and your business need.


We take an individual approach to working with businesses that is highly flexible, collaborative and solution focused.  If you have performance issues that are preventing your organisation reaching its true potential we have a clearly defined, yet flexible, approach to help you get the most out of your team.



Initial Contact

Caroline would organise an initial telephone consultation or face-to-face meeting with you to discuss your requirements in more detail.



We would supply a proposal that would outline our approach, timescales and costs for resolving your specific business needs.  Following on from this, Caroline would organise an initial exploratory session to discuss her approach in more detail, answer any questions and to plan the coaching or workshop session.  Caroline’s approach is for you, the client, to always feel empowered and in control of the process.



Caroline will continually work closely, collaboratively and flexibly with you, during the implementation of the project, altering the process where needed to incorporate any feedback/changes to ensure your aims are fully met. Once the project is finalised, Caroline will meet with you to review the process and provide guidance for going forward.  In larger projects, an evaluation report will be produced at the end of the project with both qualitative and quantitative information.


If you are experiencing some specific issues that are preventing you from achieving your full career potential or if you would like to explore your skills in more detail, Caroline will work with you to design an approach tailored to your individual needs.


Initial Contact

Caroline would have an initial telephone consultation to explore your needs in detail.



Caroline would supply a proposal with a suggested approach, costs and timescales.


The Coaching Process

We would normally recommend a block of six coaching sessions that can be conducted at a venue of your choice or by Skype.  As part of the first session, we will explore your goals and aims in more detail and agree a contract of how we will work.  At the end of the coaching sessions, we will spend time reviewing your goals and the process and provide guidance on moving beyond the coaching sessions.  


The aim of the coaching sessions are to help you to meet your specific goals by helping you to become more self aware, confident and skilled.    During the process we often use psychometric and business tools, such as MBTI. We will do this in discussion with you and at all times, we aim to ensure you feel in control of the process.


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